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The following links to related websites are provided to help you in your preparation for the Metro Richmond Science Fair:

Intel ISEF
The home page for the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.


Science Buddies
This website offers a “Project Selection Wizard” and lots of project ideas as well as great information on how to do a project.



The website for the Virginia State Science & Engineering Fair.



Society for Science & the Public
The website for the organization which administers the Intel ISEF, the DCYSC, & the Intel Science Talent Search.


NEW !!!

Illinois Institute of Technology

ITT has a Science Fair Extravaganza page that is excellent.  Many aspects of producing science projects are covered including Project Ideas, Presentation Tips (with a great discussion of constructing project boards), and Link to other resources.



Polymer-Search.com - The Internet Search Engine for Rubber & Plastics

This is a great resource of links to other websites about science projects.  Some of the links can apply to more advanced projects as well.  Have fun exploring!



The Virginia Institute of Marine Science - The Bridge Ocean Science Topics Menu

This resource website has some help for marine science projects.   The Ocean Science Topics menu takes you to links on resources which include project ideas as well as sources of information for the projects.  You will have to dig some, but the results are worth it.



The American Society of Plant Biologists

How to Make a Great Poster

This is a good guide to constructing a great project display for any type of project.


Mad Scientist Network
This website is run from volunteers from the Washington University School of Medicine.


The WWW Virtual Library
This website offers links to information on all types of topics, from Agriculture to Society.

Citation Machine

A website designed to help students with citing references correctly.  Students plug in the information and are shown the proper format.



The Archimedes Initiative

This website was created by Dr. Jeff Seeman of the University of Richmond and it's all about science projects. Dr. Seeman uses interviews with students to talk about projects from start to finish.  One of the students interviewed is Suraj Mishra , one of our Grand Prize Winners from 2009.



MathScience Innovation Center
The Center Home Page


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